Computer classes

Web, Email, and Social Media

In this course, students will learn the tools needed to connect with friends and family.  This includes the skills needed to send emails, to connect to friends and family members through social media and to host a social gathering using Zoom.  This is an important skill to learn in this pandemic.  This course is ideal for parents who are unfamiliar with the use of social media and Web meeting tools.  Time required: 4 hours, 1 hour per week

A Taste of Computer Programming

Students will be exposed to computer programming.  If you are interested to learn what it is like to write computer programs but not ready to invest a lot of effort into it, then this is the course for you.  You can use this course to discover whether computer programming is something you might want to consider getting into.  We will use JavaScript as the programming language. Time required:  8 hours, 2 per week.

Creating Website from Scratch

Students will learn how to create Web page using HTML and CSS, and how to host their website.  Time required:  8 hours, 2 per week.

How to Enroll

To enroll in this course, send an email to  Please include the course name in the subject.  When we have enough students, we will send you an email.